About The Institute Of Pathology and Laboratory Medical Science

We provide free to low-cost quality pathology and clinical services. Support our cause to giving the gift of health to those in need.


Our Story

The Institute of Pathology and Laboratory Medical Science, is a medical non-profit. We specialize in diagnosing, treating, and managing different types of diseases. Our in-house lab testing is guaranteed to be accurate, saving you time, money, and frustration from delayed diagnosis. Many patients often depart their primary care doctor, hospital, or even health clinic often with more questions than answers. We offer you “The Value of a Second Opinion.

Our Mission & Vision

We believe that everyone should have access to exceptional healthcare. Our patient-first approach gives them priority.


Our Mission

To provide top-class healthcare to our patients. Save lives through our PREVENTATIVE healthcare initiatives.

Our Vision

To reduce human suffering and prevent early untimely death! This is where I will continue to provide free medical and pathology educational discussions as well as provide telemedicine and telepathology remote healthcare services !!



Excellence In Healthcare


Equal Rights For All Patients


Improve Access To Quality Care

Meet The Team

Our Founder

Dr. Jackson Gates, MD.

Doctor / Pathologist

Dr. Jackson Gates, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, serves as our Founder & President of The Institute of Pathology and Laboratory Medical Science. His current medical practice Medical Diagnostic Choices was initiated in 2009 with a mission to improve medical practice efficiency and effective communication between patients, physicians, laboratory medicine specialists, and other medical specialists. Over the past twelve (12) years, Dr. Gates has successfully transitioned our medical practice into a unique, “One STOP ” multi-specialty micro-practice in the greater Atlanta area that includes not only general adult medicine but also affordable, convenient, fast and accurate diagnostic laboratory medicine under one medical practice umbrella.