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Experience top quality in medical care by friendly and experience doctors and staff.

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Flexible appointments


Our Physicians are able to assess patients remotely using modern technology. This saves time and money, and enables patients and physicians to meet regardless of their location.


Tele-pathology improves transparency in the medical process. Patients are able to get direct access to the pathologist reading their samples.

Expert Healthcare

We provide free diagnostic laboratory services.Our anatomic pathology services are meant to empower patients. Our renowned pathologists give direct care. No longer wonder what lab results are.

Our Clinic

We provides services through our clinic, Medical Diagnostic Choices in Atlanta, GA. MDC’s expert staff specialize in advanced medical diagnostic and research. We show compassion for your health and well-being, we value and respect your human dignity.

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We are a mission-driven, nonprofit health care organization that provides specialized health services as well as educational and preventative care services.

Why should you choose Our Clinic?

So many reasons to choose from

Primary Care

Our primary care doctors provide continuity of preventative health care services.

On-Site Diagnostic

Our onsite laboratory testing assures the quality of your diagnosis and expedites your results.

Experienced Staff

Our board-certified physicians have over 20+ years of experience in anatomical and clinical pathology.

We are located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. We are dedicated with promoting and maintaining good health. Get the care that you need when you need it using our tele-medicine service. You can be seen by expert physicians for a variety of non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries. To make your appointment, please call (678) 591-6509.